In a complex world, plant specialists, Rollo simplifies the way you service and manage your mixed fleet, offering a new approach from an established brand. 

Operating since 1933, Rollo has a long, established and successful heritage in the power generation and plant industries. Our roots can be traced back to a company first known as TS Engineering and subsequently, TS Rollo, providing nationwide maintenance and repairs for marine and power generation customers. 

In 1997, Rollo was acquired by PON in the Netherlands to improve support for marine customers across the North Sea and English Channel. Then, in 2011, Rollo was acquired by Finning to support customers with mixed fleet in the marine and power generation markets, providing service and repair as well as supplying genuine OEM parts. 

In 2018, Rollo diversified into the plant industry, to become plant experts providing safe, simple servicing to mixed-fleet plant and power generation customers and increasing the range of parts to include quality alternative, maintenance and consumable parts.


Part of the Finning Group

As a member of the Finning Group, Rollo has access to the skills and expertise of one of the premium service providers in the plant and power generation industry, benefiting from world-class facilities, the latest technology and tooling, and industry leading safety and quality processes.

All Rollo service engineers are trained to the highest standards and Finning certified.