Fuel services

Fuel is often overlooked during generator maintenance inspections and, if contaminated, can result in costly repairs, downtime and unnecessary oil changes. It can even leave you in the dark during a mains failure. 

If your fuel has been standing for six months or more, or you’ve noticed running problems, it could be contaminated. Just a small sample will reveal any impurities or potential problems. 

In cases of contamination, a specialist filtration procedure known as fuel polishing is recommended. As fuel passes through the system, it is neutralised and cleaned, with bacteria, sludge, contaminates and 99.8% of free water removed in a single pass. The fuel is returned to your tank, ready for use or standby emergency.

Our trained engineers can carry out the procedure on-site using our mobile filtration system, or we can install a fuel polishing system at your premises, enabling you to polish fuel at regular intervals. As well as fuel polishing, we can also carry out fuel tank services and surveys.


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